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  Waterproofing - Bank of America

Bank of America (formerly Nations Bank)
Consultant:  Williamson & Associates, Inc.
Owner:  400 North Ashley, Tampa, Florida 33602   

Scope of Work: 

This project consisted of (3) major phases of remedial waterproofing and major deck/roof installations totaling over a 1.5 million dollar contract completed in 18 months with no closure or shut down of any portion of the building.

The work scope included over (5) miles of sealant removal and replacement on exterior vertical walls, 45,000 square feet of deck/roof membrane systems, over 200,000 square feet of negative side metallic waterproofing with specialized Watson Bowman Membrane Gutter Systems, and the applications of 150,000 square feet of TP-60 membrane in planters,

The building is a 32 story Tampa landmark round tower built in the early 80's with a Ocala limestone precast finish.

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