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  Theme Parks - Kraken



When it came to shutting down the largest and the best roller coaster in central Florida, Seaworld of Florida did not have to look far to find THE roller coaster experts in the state!  Having painted over a dozen coasters - including Montu, Kumba, The Python, Scorpion and Sheikra at Busch Gardens, The Hulk, The Dueling Dragons and The Flying Unicorn at Universal Studios and the Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM - Service Painting had the resume' and the manpower to take on this monumental task:  to prepare, prime, urethane and clearcoat this massive structure in a 20 DAY SCHEDULE!!

To complicate matters further, recovering and recapturing water and cleaning agents from the cleaning process also became a critical concern for Seaworld's enviornmental team-one that we addressed to their complete satisfaction.

"These crazy schedules always complicate the process and truly can leave the contractor in a scary position simply because Mother Nature can take weeks of planning and drop you back to square one when you're just 2 or 3 days into the project" states Todd Monroe, the point man for Service Painting on this project.  "Fortunately on this one, Mother Nature could not have been better!" he adds.

Applying a thousand gallons of ICI's 231 Epoxy and over 3,000 gallons of the ICI 379 UVA and UVA ClearCoat in a two week window was an extreme accomplishment.   16 booms ranging from 150' to 40' and 2-100 ton cranes were needed to help meet the goal at hand.  "In a tight schedule, working with high performance coatings creates an additional set of challenges because they are generically very moisture sensitive - in other words, painting at night and early morning just isn't going to happen in a humid environment like Florida".

"With this being the first time Kraken has been painted in the field (it arrived on site pre-finished prior to its original erection), we could not have been happier with the performance of Service Painting Corporation.  They've done some huge shutdown painting work for us in the past, but nothing quite like this" states Bob Grove, Plant Engineering Manager.  "They were the ultimate professional on every level, especially safety.  Service's lead foreman and team leaders worked 12-16 hour shifts some days to insure the transition from shift to shift was smooth and seamless".







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